WSpell ActiveX Spelling Checker

WSpell ActiveX Spelling Checker 1.0

WSpell can spell-check words, text strings and the contents of text boxes

WSpell's rich set of properties, methods and events give it the flexibility to support virtually all spell-check requirements. All of WSpell's properties have reasonable defaults so you need to change or set only a small number of properties to suit your application's requirements.
WSpell can spell-check words, text strings, and the contents of standard text boxes and rich-text boxes, plus TX Text Control interactively or on-the-fly (in the background). Background checking cannot be used in Internet Explorer.
WSpell includes built-in dialog boxes which the user interacts with to correct misspelled words. Applications can also call WSpell's methods to check spelling and look up suggested replacements for misspelled words directly.

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